Today is a(nother) dark fucking day for America. There’s going to be a fight ahead of us as the next four years are going to strenuous, tedious, stupefying, and repulsive to be sure. I won’t diminish or minimize  what the outcome of our new “president” will mean for so many people but even in dark times, we have music. It’s always there for us and it’s going to need to be there for this fucking ride.

Full on into 2017 releases with some 2016 releases rounding out this week. Let’s fucking do this.

2017 NEW RELEASES: (Click the titles)

Dumal – The Lesser God
American black metal band heavily inspired by the older Scandinavian flavor of the music. Some Swedish style melody with some Norwegian style atmospherics and keyboards, and even some folky violin parts. Fairly solid release.

Veter Daemonaz – Trivmph EP
A solid little EP from this band whom I’m now just familiar with. Sort of a mix of MGLA and Horned Almighty but from Russia so there’s a bit of a native folk flare in some of the interludes. Pure intensity with warm, full, production. Good at 20 minutes long.

Shaarimoth – Temple of the Adversarial Fire
Dissonant, experimental, Norwegian death metal. Yes, Norwegian. Darkly atmospheric and relying on those effects, it reminds me of that oppressive atmospheric sounds of bands like Nader Sadek or Aevengalist, but without being so complex to the point of confusion. It retains melody and structure but still gets out there into experimental territory. Damn good album.

Morgue Whore/Skeid – Split
I dug Morgue Whore’s 2016 full-length. Some awesome melodic Denver black metal. This split has a new song, or at least one not featured on the album which fits right in with their established sound. Catchy, vile, black metal. I wasn’t familiar with Skeid, the band that makes up the half of this split but I enjoyed their half as well. Skeid is more battle focussed with a more war like approach to their black metal. It’s violent, controlled chaos with some crushing riffs. Overall, decent split from Denver.

The Flight of Sleipnir – Skadi
I don’t think Flight has a bad album in their catalog and I’ve enjoyed the progression they’ve made throughout the years. If you like their mix of black metal/doom/stoner/psychedelic style then this one is another killer album in that vein. This time they’ve brought back more of the black metal and it veers into post/atmospheric territory which I think really fills out the sound. They never seem patch-worked or forced together with their style mixing and have always stuck a good balance between them. This one seems like a perfect melding of them all. Fucking killer, Colorado band FTW.

The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
I’ve been a moderate fan of this band for a couple years now and I’ve been growing more and more impressed with them with each release. Yes, this is more Lovecraft based metal but I think The Great Old Ones have a firmer grasp on the material and representing it sonically that most bands that just have a Cthulhu fetish. Not as dissonant and unforgiving as say Portal, the band revels in atmosphere, dark atmosphere but also with moments of sheer melody. It’s desolate black metal to be sure, which is suiting, and it captures the arcane horror and madness of the best Lovecraft stories.


Amebix – Monolith (Remastered 2016)
I’m not sure what I can say about Amebix’s history and influence that hasn’t already been said. Suffice to say, they’re incredible and this remastered version of their classic album sounds incredible. You should be listening to Amebix.

Lucinda Williams – The Ghosts of Highway 20
Lucinda Wiliams is no doubt a classic at this point and her latest album detailing the disappearance of America only helps solidify her presence. Her music and voice is full of passion even at it’s bleakest and the folk/country/americana mix is on point. An hour and a half and it barely feels like it. Great music here.

Mystik – Dunkla Klangor… (Kapitel I)
Yet another project by the mysterious dude behind Azelisassath and Beketh Nexehhmu. This is the second release from Mystik in 2016 and it’s being called a compilation even though I’m not sure what they’re compiling from as both releases are “compilations.” Just more of the weirdness from this dude. Anyways, this fucking rips. More melodic and “Swedish” than his other projects mentioned and slowly growing to be my favorite output from him.

Until next time… make mine metal.