My buddy and metal guru Ben sends me Facebook messages with Youtube links often without any preface or description of what said video is, but I know that whatever it is, it’s going to be fucking awesome. Ancalagon is fucking awesome.

Pulled straight from the pits of obscurity, Ancalagon is a French black metal band, not to be confused with the French THRASH band of the same name (what a weird fucking coincidence). The name itself is Tolkien in origin, a dragon I believe, but I’m not finding any Lord of the Rings reference or themes here. What I am finding is some blistering, second wave Scandinavian inspired, pagan/viking themed black metal played to brilliant perfection. There’s the intensity of the Norwegian’s and some of the melodic nature of the Swedish (especially that riff in “The Walkyries”) all working together as¬†furiously infectious team. This is an album that is full of amazing moments and really almost works as one long song instead of seven. I could listen to this on repeat over and over.

Now, it’s nothing ground breaking but it’s just so damn good and satisfying it bums me out to know they called it a day after this release. There’s so much promise on this album but I guess we’ll just have to be satisfied with this album, and that’s not a terrible thing, now is it?