I reviewed Lux Occulta’s second album Dionys0s about a year ago when my buddy shared their first two albums with me. It has now taken me this long to listen to the first. Fucking slacker.

Anywho, I loved the darkish, slightly progressive, atmospheric, gothic quality of the bands second release. That one was more black metal focussed if you ask me. Quicker even. This first one is all about the atmosphere. I’d be hesitant to even call it a black metal album. Sure, there’s a black metal flair to it, particularly the vocals and some faster parts, but for the most part this is a slow, keyboard and atmospheric heavy, album. I mean, it’s just oozing with that romantic, funeral, gothic, symphony vibe. Kind of that goth Paradise Lost phase style. It’s rather beautiful in that regard. Rather dramatic as well.

Of the two Lux Occulta albums, I find both to be equally captivating. This one is more of a somber album and is good for getting lost in the music while the other is more of a head banger. I’m not sure where the band goes after these. I hear tell they get even more progressive or avant-garde. I may get to that one day but for now, this one, and their second album, are some awesome chunks of Polish metal.