There’s been a lot of power metal on here so how about we change it up today? Swedish symphonic black/death metal it is!

I wrote about Necromicon’s album Sightveiler two years ago on this blog and as I recall it was fucking awesome. Hyper Swedish melodic black metal with a heavy dose of symphonic sounds and presentation. What the fuck isn’t to like?  Peccata Mundi, besides being confusingly labeled in my music folder which led it to go un-listened to since my buddy dropped it to me 2 years ago, is the bands final album and right off the bat you can tell this one is going to be different. After the lamentations of some anonymous woman (I wonder how many albums have moaning women on them) they plunge into a more progressive sounding, death metal riff. That sort of encompasses this album. They’ve upped the more adventurous, proggy aspects of their guitars, layered it with more of a death metal sound but still retained the blistering melodic black metal fury from the previous album, albeit more subdued on that front. The symphonic quality is still looming over almost the entire album but they do lose it here and there when the emphasis is more on the riffs or vocals.

It’s a beast of an album, the mixing of the varying degrees of heaviness all work well and it’s never boring or over indulgent. It may not be as intense melodically as the previous album but it’s just as infectious.