The thing I enjoy most about Pharaoh is they are the sheer essence of power metal, but contemporary. They aren’t mired in 80’s nostalgia, they aren’t paying “homage” or trying to reboot an older style, but they are aware of where the style came from. They’re just fucking Pharaoh. No symphonies, no stories, no fat. They’re just pure, undiluted, grand metal. And they fucking kill it every time.

Be Gone  is the bands third album and while I don’t think there’s a bad album of the four so far, this one gets the least attention, in my summation. It’s every bit the equal of their previous album The Longest Night which is typically held up as the bands finest hour. Be Gone may not be as epic as Night but you cannot deny the fucking insanely catchy songs going on here. So fucking melodic. So fucking hooky. If anything this band might be TO damn catchy, but those riffs. Those riffs are godly, if ever anything was, and combined with the traditional power metal vocals (not to showy, more down and dirty but still with power) and the insanely tight and steady rhythm section, the music fucking sores. Not a note out of place, not a wasted fucking minute.

I should probably point out that this is but one of Chris Black’s classic metal inspired bands, Dawnbringer and High Spirits being my other favorites of his. Mr. Black’s skill and devotion to metal and music is one to be admired, as well as his skill to be involved in so many high profile bands that all retain their own distinct identity. High Spirit may be getting all the praise now and Dawnbringer seems to be coming to an end but Pharaoh is where the spirit of his music lives for me. I fucking love this album.

Get this album at their Bandcamp page.