You know I’m a fucking sucker for 80’s American power metal and it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about any, a damn shame for sure.

Here is Heretic. I mentioned power metal but this veers closer to thrash, but not the thrash-iest of thrash. It’s more mid-paced, probably why it gets the power metal label. Yet it’s not exactly power metal. It’s like the perfect blend of the two genres, or at least 80’s balls to the wall power metal and thrash riffs. Like early Iced Earth. Kind of thrash, kind of power metal, however Heretic doesn’t delve into those same cheesy waters. They keep things pointing straight forward relying on well crafted riffs, a killer vocalist, and some nice slower, more NWOBHM styled moments. There’s even a little glam metal sounds in there but I bet it was hard to ignore that being a band from California in the 80’s. It’s not fucking Poison but just a hair (hi-oh) of that poppy style is in there. Mainly on some of the choruses with the massive, overlaid, backing vocals.

Oddly enough after this album their lead singer Mike Howe would head over to fill in on vocals for Metal Church after their singer David Wayne left to start another band with the rest of Heretic. Some kind of weird, metal switcharoo. Howe is still the frontman for Metal Church, and doing a fine job at that.

But shit, this album fucking rocks no matter what is going on and is another example of one of those lost and forgotten treasures that is now much better taken out of time and context.