My buddy and metal guru Ben was singing the praises of this band and everything he had to say about it was catching my fucking attention. German, technical, thrash, speed, with a killer female vocalist. Fucking sold.

Megace is in fact all of those things, while maybe leaning more to the technical side, but still a fucking thrash monster. This is the bands second and final album and I’m not sure how they sounded on their first, if they were more, less, technical but this one is fucking overloaded with technical riffing and breakdowns. I’m not complaining, no way, because it fucking rules, but I’d like to know where they came from. There’s a lot of silly 90’s studio tricks in there, but they’re brief and seriously just overshadowed by the sheer force of this band.

And can we talk about Melanie Bock’s vocals? My god does she have some fucking pipes. She’s most exhilarating when she’s at full screaming force as she has the perfect voice for their German thrash style but it’s also right at home with the more technical parts and doesn’t miss a beat. There is a ballad-y type song where she get’s much more refined and angelic, almost poppy, but not less metal, if that makes sense. It fits with the rest of the album. Then it’s right back to the fucking riff machine.

Damn, this is a good album. Original, refreshing, and infectious through and through.