Are you ready for some comedy? Humor is not something that metal is really known for, at least not intentionally. I think you have to have a healthy sense of humor when wading through the darker realms of metal considering how seriously some of these bands take themselves, but we’re not talking about ironic humor or something so serious it’s funny, we’re talking a band with an actual sense of humor about them.

Enter Jaldaboath.

Typically I’m not a fan of these type of “theme bands” unless I think they have a sense of humor about themselves. Think Gwar as opposed to Amon Amarth, if that helps. Or the entirety of “folk metal” bands like Turisas,¬†Ensiferum, and their ilk, which I think sonically Jaldaboath are closer to, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Jaldaboath hail from England and call their style of metal “Hammering Heraldic Metal”, “Crusader-core”, and my personal favorite “Tumultuous Teutonic Templar Thrash”, although there’s little thrash involved. You get the sense of what we’re dealing with already. The music itself is rather jokey in content, lyrically and musically as well, using sounds and instruments to punctuate or accentuate some of the loftier humorous moments in the music. The music itself is a very European style folky heavy metal style I guess maybe power metal? It’s very light hearted, very bouncy, extremely catchy, and just fucking fun. Numerous times I laughed to myself, either at something from the lyrics, the vocal delivery, or a musical section that was particularly silly.

Yeah, not to be taken seriously but if you need a good laugh with your metal I can’t recommend this band enough.