One of the metal attributes I so thoroughly enjoy about Polish extreme metal is how angry, hateful, and particularly blasphemous they are. More often then not when I’m discovering an extremely anti-christian or generally anti-religious band they’re from Poland. That and the ferocity at which they play said metal.

Infernal War encompass all of those concepts and ideas. Furious death metal driven black metal, angry, blasphemous, frenetic metal that just blasts and blasts and blasts. There’s not a lot of wiggle room with this band. There’s not any experimentation or long winded interludes or atmospherics or any fat. The just stay on their path, pummeling along with riff heavy songs, full of blast beats, nasty vocals and such fucking anger. It’s truly a force to be heard.

I remember their 2015 album Axiom being fairly good as well but this one just hooked me instantly. I wish there was more to say about this but it’s so direct and to the point and fucking awesome you just need to go and hear it and get your brains smashed out. Fucking do it.

Grab the album here for a measly $3.