Now here’s a band that I’ve been on the cusp of getting in to for some time now but just never but the bullet. There’s a bit of reverence surrounding the band and they have a very dynamic visual presence, which is probably how I’ve been aware of them, but musically, I just never found the sound that clicked with me. Maybe it’s because their style is so scattered, or it seems like that to me, when sampling songs it’s like “here’s the doom song” or “here’s the crust song” and never shall those style mix, but my buddy shared with me their 2012 album Intoxicantations (killer album name) and now I had  a full album to dive in to.

Yeah, this is pretty fucking solid. I can understand why they’ve got this cult appreciation going on as they are just a riff machine of death/doom and sludge. Sludge in particular I think, at least on this album, is the dominate force, and I’m not particularly a huge sludge fan. Ilsa, however, seem to be approaching it from a more sleazy area then most sludge is. And that’s a good way to describe this band. Sleazy. Not gross or perverted but just sort of nasty all around. Like they feel dirty. Which works to some bands benefits and I think Ilsa fully embrace it.

There’s also some death metal influencing the sound and just a bit black metal, particularly in the vocals, and particularly on the more doom/death metal sounding songs that add to the whole dirtiness of the album. It’s a good mix. It’s a good album. Wish I would have jumped on these guys sooner.

Get the album from their bandcamp page.