It’s 2017 and I’m officially back from my holiday vacation ready to dive back into the unlit corners of the metal world.

First off, thanks to everybody who checked out my Best of 2016 list. The site has had some massive traffic since then and I hope you all stick around for the regular posts.

Second, it’s back to regular posts now. Daily explorations of obscure, older, and overlooked metal albums and my weekly round ups of new releases. It’s all about the metal here.

Thirdly, I’m kicking this year off with Moribund, a band that is the core of what this website is about. Older, Obscure as a fuck and definitely overlooked.

Harken back to 1996. Switzerland wasn’t (and probably isn’t) well known for their death metal contributions, which is probably why this album has been left in the shadows. It’s an independent release, the bands only full-length, and it’s a fucking scorcher of a death metal album. It reminds me a bit of Death, had they retained more of their ferocity when they went more progressive, that is to say, it’s a forceful album, heavy and fast as fuck, almost thrash. Demolition Hammer is a good starting point for a comparison, with their frenzied, thrash/death attack, but Moribund also incorporates a technical prowess as well, hence the Death comparison as I think they band is playing with similar phrasing. It plows ahead at 4o minutes, rarely relenting and making Swiss cheese out of your head (see what I did there? I’m sorry) with the complex catchiness of their riffing.

So here’s to 2017, the never ending neglected metal, and to Moribund for being so fucking killer. Bring it on, 2017.