I have a folder full of hidden 80’s power/metal gems and it’s constantly being replenished, so there is no end in sight to these kinds of post. Better get used to it. Hey, it’s not like it’s a bad thing. This stuff is fucking killer and there’s so… damn… much of it. Like Washington’s own Heir Apparent.

This album is just fucking oozing 80’s. There’s no that when you hear this you’ll instantly be able to tell it’s from the 80’s. Now when it comes to this kind of metal that’s not a bad thing. Plenty, and I do mean plenty, of current bands are revisiting this style, some to great affect, some not, but it’s a much coveted sound nowadays. Maybe it’s because there was less separation of the genres back then and bands like this were just “heavy metal” at the time. Thrash was making it’s dominant stand and black and death were in there infancies, so where did that leave a band like Heir Apparent? It left them to just fucking rock out with some epic styled metal.

And rock out they do. The band may not be the fastest or heaviest of this genre but they sure have the “epic” side of things down. The guitars are played as if they’re telling a fantastical tale and the singers voice, while not as epic as the music, is used to perfect affect and compliments the drive of the music so well. They do get into some more progressive areas, and they fit with the music, but then it’s right back into the ass kicking.

I love this stuff. It never bores me and I’m thoroughly impressed with the drive and creativity of these early bands. This is another solid, 80’s American power metal album worth checking out.