Green Carnation, another band I’d not heard that was shared in a pile of other music from my buddy, seems like a band I would have heard by now, mostly because they’re the band that proceeded and followed the In the Woods…, (they’re back now) a band I’m completely enamored with.

Yup. Green Carnation existed as a death metal act briefly before most of the members went on to form In the Woods… and blow minds with their amazing trilogy of albums before dissolving and most members returning to Green Carnation to continue making bizarre music. Green Carnation is not just In the Woods… part 2, and while they do share so many members (at least at this point) and musical ideas, the bands do sound quite different, even if they are playing in similar pools. In the Woods… went in a more progressive direction on what would have been their final album Strange in Stereo and similar atheistic rear it’s head on Light of Day, but Light is it’s own force.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this album is but one hour long song. One hour long song that weaves in an out of so many different styles and functions but never becomes disjointed or boring.

I always feel intimidating by works like this, at least in trying to describe or review them There’s clearly a concept to this song and the music is so intricate and progressive and it flows in such a complex, jazzy sort of way, that I feel I don’t have the musical education in order to verbal understand what is happening. I fucking love it, it’s so fucking addicting, but it’s going over my head to be sure. The music itself has so much happening. It’s definitely metal, but more along the Katatonia doom/goth style but there’s also an old/classic doom organ feel to the whole thing. There’s parts where it definitely gets heavier but there are also parts where it just get’s crazy bizarre, like about halfway through there’s an abrupt change about with a solitary saxophone playing over a folky, ancient language sounding voice, but that gives way to one of the best solos I’ve ever heard.  Like I mentioned, it’s an hour long song so it goes through movements and parts change on you in a moments notice.

I think, this album is a fucking work of art. It’s just so fucking good and with so much going on to entice you, to transfix you, and to just blow your stupid mind. Put it in your ears.


You can get the album digitally from Prophecy, where they’ve split the album in to two songs, which I think might be a mistake, but whatever, it’s $7 here.