We’re going to try something new today: A brand new album from a band I’ve not heard but expect to be awesome.  Why do I expect it to be awesome? Because my buddy Ben said it was and because it’s from the main man behind Bekëth Nexëhmü.

That’s right, Bekëth Nexëhmü, the little black metal band that could, thats been taking the black metal world by storm with they’re weird, cryptic band member, bizarre stories of how the music is made, and their seemingly random releases. I fucking caught up in the storm as well. The music speaks for itself and it’s killer, bizarre, desolate black metal.

Now, you may recall I’ve posted about Bekëth Nexëhmü on here before. I’ve also covered one of the other projects from S. (he goes by S. for Mystik) Azelisassath’s In Contempt of All Life, which I fucking loved.

Where Azelisassath is complete and total seething hatred and fury, Bekëth Nexëhmü is more swirling, desolate atmospheric in approach I dare say Mystik is the more “bright” band of the three. The production is clearer, the riffing is intense, melodic, and at points breathtaking. There’s a good mixture of atmospherics, some choral, distant haunting vocals,  and some strings and other classic instruments that give it a symphonic quality, it’s almost folky at parts, but it’s relentless through and through. I’m amazed at this man’s output and that he can maintain so many quality bands at the same time while having them sound so unique and different from each other. Sure they’re all in the black metal genre but we all know the variations contained within said style.

Any fucking way, you should be getting familiar with S., or whatever he calls himself, and his various projects because they’re all fucking insanely good.


Get this album and a ton of the other projects at the Bandcamp page.