Hey man, are you ever going to stop talking about 80’s American power metal?

Not fucking likely. Not so long as there’s so much awesome there to be unearthed. And there’s so much more to find.

So, we were talking about awesome? Here’s fucking Leatherwolf, yet another incredible 80’s American power metal band. One I’ve never heard before, which blows my fucking mind because this band has been compared to Dio and Crimson Glory, consistency wise. High fucking praise indeed. There’s really no comparison to Dio, but Crimson Glory? That band is insanely amazing and Leatherwolf, well they’re scratching at that door.

Leatherwolf, the second album from Leatherwolf and the second to also be named Leatherwolf (for some confusing reason) is sheer 80’s power metal gold. I think by 87 the exploratory years of the genre had started to come together and bands were really refining the sound. Leatherwolf, has a grand, wide open sound, but is also on the lighter side of power metal. It’s hard to be a “softer” power metal band without veering into the dreaded cock rock/glam metal sound that was oh so popular in the 80’s and yes, there are glimmers of that in Leatherwolf, particularly on the ballad “Share a Dream” but then it’s right back into those incredible guitars and masterful song structures.

These guys can right some fucking metal songs. It’s like a master chef at work, who knows just what ingredients to use and what’s needed to take it that extra mile.

But then there’s the Creedence Clear Water Revival cover of “Bad Moon Rising.” A punked up version that just sticks out like a sour thumb. I bet even in 1987 that song was overplayed. Nothing against Leatherwolf but they don’t really add anything to it.

But then “Princess of Love” comes roaring in and you forget that cover even happened, leaving you to bask in the glory that is the last half of this album.

So, yeah. Fucking killer. Maybe not quite as killer as Crimson Glory, but in the same vein or expertly crafted, 80’s power metal. Not to be fucking missed.