I first became aware of this band a couple years ago when I’ll just assume my buddy Ben dropped their Bloodred Massacre album  in along a with a bunch of other killer metal albums for me to hear. I recall they were some straight up, German styled death metal with some Swedish stylings to their sound. Probably due to Peter Tägtgren’s producer credit on that album. I won’t get in to Peter Tägtgren on this post but today’s album,  Fleshcrawl, was produced by another notable Swedish metal musician. The ever prolific Dan Swano.

Yup, there’s that fucking name again. Dan Swano, lending his production chops to yet another death metal band.

Fleshcrawl started off as Suffocation but had to change their name because of the much more well known band, and started with a more doom infused sound. This album goes more for a Swedish style, particularly the guitar sound, one of the hallmarks of that classic Swedish death sound. The band crushes it musically, as this is some balls to wall, brutal death metal. It’s almost a amalgam of other European death metal sounds as there’s a bit of Bolt Thrower, Benediction, and Graves in their sound, but it’s all just like a flavoring.

What else is there really to say? Fleshcrawl has an awesome 90’s death metal album with Impurity that is a marker of those times, is excellently produced, and is crushing all at the same time. Maybe a bit off the beaten path but that’s how we like it here.