It only took halfway through November for it to snow in Denver so today feels like it calls for some fucking funeral doom, because the snow makes me miserable.

Evoken, everybody.

Now I believe I posted about Evoken way back when I was doing the Doom exploration posts (which were the catalysts for this blog) and the power of Atra Mors blew me away. It was crucial to my being able to appreciate this kind of doom.

I say “this kind” in reference to funeral doom, though Evoken has some death metal qualities, which are very present on Antithesis of Light, particularly on the title track song, but really Evoken stands on their own. They’ve made a unique style of slow, plodding, massively heavy doom and mixed it with some searing death metal soloing and vocals. It’s so fucking evil, and heavy, and just oppressive, I fucking love it. I can’t sing the praises of this band enough. If you need fucking doom and gloom, but also want to hear a band that is on top of their fucking game, that sounds like nobody else in that game, put Evoken on. Hell, put them on anyway, and cave your fucking head in.