Oh sweet 80’s American power metal, how I adore thee.

Here’s fucking Liege Lord, with what I’m now considering a genuine lost classic of the genre and time period. This is the band all these retro/homage 80’s speed/power metal bands wished they sounded like.

Liege Lord is one of those awesome beasts that isn’t really in one category. You could call it power metal, speed metal, thrash metal, and you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s even working with straight up classic heavy metal, but it never commits to one of those genres, it’s just an all-around, kick ass, heavy fucking metal album, dripping with 80’s excess, power, and energy.

Where I think the band really shines is in the vocal department. Joe Comeau replaces previous vocalist Andy Michaud, and just fucking delivers a powerhouse performance. He’s got the chops for this kind of music, reminding me of a Bobby Steele take on Messiah Marcolin. There’s the power, and the thrash to his voice. It’s fucking awesome.

Goddamn I love stuff like this. Just sheer energy. Fucking awesome, balls to the wall metal madness.