Let’s stick with the German black metal theme for another day. This band hits me in three of my nerdy metal spots: Mid 90’s black metal, they only have one full-length release, and fucking Dan Swano is involved.

Now you would think with a name like “Fermenting Innards” (which is fucking awesome) you’d get a gore grind band, seeing as how the name is taken from Carcass’s first (classic) album Reek of Putrefaction but surprising that’s not it at all. I can’t speak to their earlier demo’s but this is some well executed, furious, black metal with that sweet, slightly melodic, mid 90’s Swedish style to it., which I’m sure is in part Dan Swano’s mixing and engineering involvement. And since he mixed it, the album of course sounds awesome, production wise. Everything hits where it should and nothing is lost in the mix.

The band itself is fucking killer. I love the addition of the death metal elements with their take of black metal, which is more Scandinavian inspired than German IE that classic Swedish buzzsaw guitar sound at times, but they also throw in this early era Peaceville Three gloomy, doom/gothic vibe. It works well and gives the album that little extra something.

A fucking lost treasure to be sure, put this fucker on if you just want to hear some solidly good black metal.