Well, that sure was a fucking week. It’s going to be a trying 4 years and while it’s hard to find anything positive in our countries never ending desire to prove we’re the dumbest people alive, at least we have music to help us get through, if only for as a distraction, or a means of coping, or even a voice of protest. Here’s some new stuff now. You’re going to need it over the next four years.


Slegest – Vidsyn
Some “black n’ roll” merged with traditional styled doom. From an ex member of Vreid, who as you may know are the band that started after Windir came to an end. Enough of a connection to spark an interest for me. The album is fairly fun. Straight forward, nothing fancy.

Ruinous – Graves of Ceaseless Death
A new band made up of some former and current members of Goreaphobia, Incantation, and Funebrarum. A pretty impressive lineup that gives us some old school death metal mixed with some new school, thrash, grind, and doom. It’s pretty eclectic and fairly fun. Some killer heaviness for when you just want to be crushed.

Freedom Call – Master of Light
If you like over the top, cheesy, uplifting power metal, Freedom Call is for you. I happen to like their highly uplifting brand of cheeseball power metal, and since their last one was so infectious I was looking forward to this one. It’s definitely a Freedom Call album, but that’s all I expected it to be, which pleases me.

Trees of Eternity – Hour of the Nightingale
Based on a review and some samples I thought this sounded like it was worth checking out, but I went in expecting something metal. I struggle to call this metal, though it does have some metal elements to it. It’s more like a somewhere between current Anathema or the more goth phases of Paradise Lost. It has that enchanting ethereal qualities but also some heavy, doom like moments. It’s night as airy or fluffy as something like Nightwish but that’s kind of where it dwells, except vocalist Aleah Liane Stanbridge’s voice is more sorrowful, more powerful, and not so theatrical and cheesy as a Nightwish type of band. It’s a weird mixture to be sure but not all together unenjoyable.

Bolzer – Hero
After all the hype Bolzer got from their two EPs, it was time for the bad to see if they could keep that fire burning on a full-length. To me, they did not. That guitar tone is still so fucking sick but the songs just don’t have that same fire and creativity of that first EP. Not terrible, but not great either. Damn shame.

Downfall of Gaia – Atrophy
This band has so many genre labels it’s almost comical. Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Black Metal/Crust/Doom…. oh for fucks sake. I remember liking their previous album and some reviews said they upped the intensity on this one so that caught my eye. To me this sounds like some light atmospheric black metal. It is a bit more intense, more urgent, which appeals to me as well. Overall, if you like post-y, atmospheric black metal, you could do worse than this.

Barbarian Swords – Worms
I was surprised by this one. With a name like Barbarian Swords one would expect some classic style doom, or power/speed metal. What it is is a fairly dirty, nasty, black/doom album with a bit of sludge on top. It’s pretty good nasty fun that goes on for probably a little too long, but worth checking out for sure.

Spiritus Mortis – The Year is One
That’s what I was in the mood for, some old school like epic fucking doom, screamed forth from some Finnish metallers. Good for what ails you. Like a weird mixture of Candlemass and Triptykon. I know, fucking weird, but give it a go and get those necks loosened up.

Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom
I fucking love this band. For my money they’re releasing some of the best death metal around. Absolutely. This EP… it’s ok. I think they really shine in full-length format. This is still good, but not as good as Dead Congregation is.

King Dude – Sex
My buddy says King Dude is like a dime store Nick Cave, and it’s hard to refute that, but maybe a dime store Nick Cave with a satanic bend to the music, which I can get behind.


Stygian – Planetary Destruction
Vektor – Terminal Redux
Sanhedrin – Sanhedrin
Rotting Christ – Rituals
Blotted Science – The Machinations of Dementia
Tardigrada – Emotionale Odnis
Korgonthurus – Vuohen siunaus
I – Between Two Worlds
Demons & Wizards
Primordial – To the Nameless Dead
Panopticon – Roads to the North
Visigoth – The Revenant King
Freedom Call – Master of Light
Emeth – Aethyr
Havukruunu – Rautaa ja Tulta

Until next time, make mine metal.