I didn’t realize “brutal death metal” was another sub-genre of metal. I just assumed “brutal” was used as a descriptor or a qualifier and not as an actual style of music. I guess death metal wasn’t brutal enough. Maybe that’s like doom and funeral doom. Like doom wasn’t slow enough. But I digress…

Emeth certainly are brutal, there’s no doubt about that. Hailing from Belgium, this band is determined to pulverize all of your senses at once. I guess that’s where the brutal aspect comes in.

I’ll be honest, there’a a lot of death metal tropes here I don’t typically enjoy, and turn me off to a lot of this type of metal. The breakdowns, the borderline tough guy vocals, and the showy, wanky, time signatures and guitar riffs, but, I did enjoy this album. It’s intensity is all the fucking way up and they’re just unrelenting in their attack. There are parts of such swirling, furious, guitar and drum work it sets your head spinning for a second and leaves you wondering just where the fuck you are, then it just clobbers you with a heavy breakdown or some nasty low vocals. It’s abusive. But fucking fun at that.

I guess some of the guys are, or were, in Aborted if that means anything to you. I’ve never been much of an Aborted fan but I think that’s a good reference to start from for this band.

Get the album from the band at their Bandcamp page.