Today I’m delving in to something that is completely not in my wheelhouse, and typically, not in my taste. I’m talking about insanely progressive, technical, instrumental metal. Instrumental meaning no vocals at all. Blotted Science everybody.

My only frame of reference for this band is that the bass player on this project is Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse, who’ve I’ve always thought was an insanely talented bass player, despite my feelings on his band. Well his skill is truly on display here.

Hold on a second.

Blotted Science is the brainchild of Ron Jarzombek, a guitar virtuoso that has been involved in a ton of projects I’ve never heard of. Along with Webster and drummer Charlie Zeleny, whom I’m also unfamiliar with, they’ve crafted Blotted Science, the most insanely technical metal album I think I’ve ever heard.

I mean, this thing is nothing but amazing musicians showing off just how amazing they are. It’s so complex, musically, I feel like I can’t comprehend it. It’s almost intimidating like that. Reminds me of Jazz and how it’s just something so musically astute that my tiny brain can’t function the complexity of it. I don’t really feel like I have  leg to stand on here, other that Webster, who to my ears, bass sounds like the bass tone from Cannibal Corpse, but in a whole new realm of weird sci-fi netherworld regions of noise and intricacy.

But the music fucking kills. Yes, it’ll blow your mind with it’s technical prowess but it’ll also get you to bang your fucking head, and to me, that makes all the fucking difference.


Pick the album up on their Bandcamp page, here.