From now on I’m going to stop saying “I don’t usually like technical metal, but…” because every time I think that I come across another band in that category that is fucking awesome.

Take for instance Spiral Architect, a band my buddy Ben suggested. He sent over the YouTube link and instantly I knew this was something I wanted to explore, despite how insanely technical it sounded, and it is. You can determine that from just a couple seconds on a YouTube clip. It might be the most technical heavy metal album I’ve heard. Like I said, I don’t (didn’t) really get into this genre much. I like some bands here and there, but I digress.

It seems the tech bands I do glom onto are ones that can be fucking wizardly master players but still write an actual fucking song. So much of this stuff gets lost in technical wanker-y, weird, flashy time signatures, and endless musical interludes, just to show off whatever bizarre technique or theory they’ve discovered. I don’t give a fuck how well you play 7 string guitars, if you can’t write a song worth listening too it’s all for fucking not. Spiral Architect, can do both, that is, play the fuck out of their instruments but write catchy as fuck songs. Often times writing a good, catchy, heavy song sacrifices the tech aspects of it, or only leaves room for a crazy ass technical interlude. Spiral Architect manage to fuse both together equally. So if you want a solid, head-banging metal album, you’ve got it. If you want to sit back and be blown away by the sheer skill and prowess of the band, there’s that as well. Either way, your in for a treat.