I’m sure you’ve noticed that today is in fact Halloween. My Halloween spirit is near zero this Halloween but that doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t enjoy the happenings, and I’m here to help.

For me, music plays a huge part of not only Halloween, but the entire fall season. Black metal, doom metal, death metal (especially the more horror focussed bands) and horror punk are in heavy rotation. The season is not really complete without King Diamond’s satanic wails, Portal’s dismal soul crushing metal, or the Misfits classic horror/pop infused punk singalongs. These are all fine bands to listen to but why not spread the love around some this year? Maybe even add something that will be another Halloween classic for you.

I recommend October 31.

First of all, their name is October 31. How much more Halloween does it get? Secondly, they fucking rule. And why wouldn’t they? They’re another project from Deceased main man King Fowley.

“Why not just recommend Deceased, dude?” I would never not recommend Deceased and they also make for great Halloween listening but I feel like October 31 gets looked over and neglected, whereas I think it’s safe to say Deceased could be considered a classic at this point. And October 31 are just as good as Deceased.

Deceased was started by King Fowley as a band to show off more of his classic metal, speed, NWOBHM influences, combined with his love of horror. Now, Deceased also has it’s touches of traditional metal influences, and is ripe with horror imagery, but I think where as Deceased incorporates those influences in to inform their sound, October 31 wears it all on their sleeves. King Fowley is not shy about paying respects to his influences and between both bands cover a shit ton of his favorites but October 31 is unabashedly paying respects to the metal of yesteryear, while throwing a sheen of horror goodness on top of it.

The band has four full-lengths out now (and a new covers album out soon from Hell’s Headbanger) and you seriously cannot go wrong with any of them.  My personal favorite is their latest Bury the Hatchet, but again, any of them will do, and will fill you with the joy of a speed, metal, Halloween spirit.

Get their stuff over at Hell’s Headbangers.