Yus! Bring on the obscure 80’s, American power metal. I’m never fucking sick of these bands. Cue New Jersey band Exxplorer.

What really stands out to me about this Exxplorer album is they don’t lean so heavily on the NWOBHM style that so many bands drew inspiration from. It’s more like a faster, classic metal influence. To my ears, some of their more melodic and epic songs have a hint of Kansas to them.  But that’s just me. It’s not fucking Kansas, it’s pure fucking metal energy, full to the brim of catchy melodies and saccharine sweet metal attitudes. Fucking love this kind of metal. Just pure adrenaline, pure “for the sake of metal” attitude, and songs that scrape the fucking sky, or wake the fucking gods. This album was released at one point by the same label that was releasing Manilla Road stuff at the time so that gives you a frame a reference. The sounds are not the same, well, maybe in places, but the epic, grand nature of the sheer bombastic nature of their metal is quite similar.

The band put out a couple more albums in the 90’s the waited until 2011 to put out one more. These may be worth investigating, but for now this debut album is kicking my ass.