My affection for 80’s US power metal knows no bounds. There’s just so much of it out there and some really off the beaten path, short lived, killer bands that are completely lost in time. Glacier is one such band.

Existing briefly in the 80’s for about years, in which they produced two demos and and this EP, however my version contains the EP Glacier and the second demo. Then they just vanished (look, I didn’t even make a melting ice caps joke) to resurface 30 years later with a couple of digital only variation on some of these songs. Weird. Also, it doesn’t look like any of the members went on to do much of anything else, musically, which is a shame because this collection of music is fucking awesome.

It’s totally 80’s US power metal, meaning it’s closer to NWOBHM then Helloween, it’s straightforward, head banging, fist pumping, heavy metal. I read a review comparing this band to Omen or Attacker, and while I don’t think those are apt comparisons, it gets you in the same ballpark. Glacier seem to have more of an uplifting enthusiasm about them. There’s some silliness here. At times it reminded me of some of those earlier cock rock bands, veering close to a party sensibility. Don’t get scared, this isn’t fucking Poison, but some of that good times attitude is present. That is until the second demo part of the collection when it veers right into epic Iron Maiden territory with the song “Eastern Guns,” and the influence continues for the rest of the album more subtly. Mostly in the twin guitar moments. Still more on the power metal side of things though.

Why this band faded away is anybody’s guess but they left us a kick ass group of songs, pure 80’s US power metal style in all it’s glory. Put this on and bang your fucking head.

There’s some internet chatter as recently as 4 months ago about this EP seeing a rerelease on cd and vinyl. I couldn’t find it anywhere but if you want to keep up with the band, here’s their Facebook page.