I’ll admit that the new Khemmis and Darkthrone have been in constant rotation this week. Mostly the new Khemmis. It’s a killer album, from an excellent band from my home town of Denver and they deserve all the praise that’s getting heaped on them. Tonight they’re playing the entirety of the new album for it’s release and you bet I’m going to be there. Alas, the metal cares not for my listening habits and provided some other great albums this week as well, so let’s do this thing…

NEW JAMS: (Click the titles to help your ears)

Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder
Yup, it’s fucking Darkthrone and true to form they’re doing something different on this album. Gone are the long, meandering, more traditional/epic metal anthems of the previous album and in their place are shorter, abbreviated, straight forward, raw metal tracks. It’s not really any kind of specific genre, I guess it’s closer to rawer thrash or speed or the crust stuff with more bite but it’s Darkthrone through and through. Nocturno’s voice gets better with age as he provides all the vocals this time, which is my only real complaint. I like Fenriz’s ridiculous singing, but that’s a minor complaint. I feel this album Fenriz is less focussed on being the gatekeeper/historical preserver of true or real metal and the band just let themselves be Darkthrone for the first time in a while. It’s a good album, better than the past couple, but it’s Darkthrone so they’re always doing something awesome.

Cara Neir – Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition
I dig this band and their weird post everything, black/grind/punk mash up sound. Every release is a surprise as to what it’ll sound like and they manage to never disappoint and deliver some solid music every time.

Cardinal Wyrm – Cast Away Souls
I think I checked out this bands last album based on a recommendation or review and remember liking it, for the most part. Oppressive doom is what I remember so I checkout out this new one and it’s more of that, however they’ve added some gothic style vocals and sound elements into some of the songs and those are the ones that really stand out to me. The rest is doom by numbers, if not slightly better.

Khemmis – Hunted
This one has been on the top of my list since I heard it was coming out. Their last album became an instant favorite last year, sprung on by killer songs and crushing live performances. The follow up is even better as the band took all that was great about the first, the rough and tumble doom style, the twin guitar attack, and added more of an epic doom style, upped the energy and made fucking beast of an album. This one is going to be hard to top but I’m confident, after these two, they have the talent to do so.

Auroch – Mute Books
I totally thought this band was a completely different band for some reason. I think the cover art for their previous album was the same as another band or something but I thought I had their first album but I didn’t. Anyway… It’s some standard black/death metal with a more sinister sound.

Twilight Force – Heroes of Mighty Magic
Unapologetic, operatic, European style power metal in all of it’s cheesy grandeur. If you like power metal full of uplifting choruses, guitars and full on cheese, this is the band for you. So satisfying.

Anagnorisis – Peripeteia
I’ve been a casual fan of this band, mostly because of Austin from Panopticon’s involvement on the first album but I’ve always dug what they’re putting down. This new one, however, is fucking awesome. They’ve really found their own sound on this one, full of creepy ass black metal with some death metal flairs, awesome melodies (some that are uplifting at times), and weird audio samples. It’s fucking insanely good. This one puts Anagnorisis on the fucking map.

Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis
Well goddamn it’s been a hot minute since I’ve thought about Ulcerate. I’ve always been drawn to their dissonant, technical death metal  and this new album is exactly that. Crushing, dark, oppressive, death metal. I’m not sure how you wouldn’t like this if you like Ulcerate. It’s them turned up to 11.


Therion – Beyond Sanctorum
Twilight Force – Tales of Ancient Prophecies
Absu – The Temple of Offal / Return of the Ancients
Põhjast – Thou Strong, Stern Death
Absu – Origin: War and Magick
Vermin Womb – Decline
Dofka – Humanity Bleak
Anhedonist – Netherwards
Anaal Nathrakh – The Whole of the Law
Cult of Fire – Life, Sex & Death
Khemmis – Absolution

Until next time, make mine metal.