October and November are the times of year when I’m more likely to reach for a doom album. Particularly November because here in Colorado, that’s when the weather really starts to get miserable, and misery loves company, right? Whatever. Here’s some killer fucking death/doom!

I find the genre of “death/doom” to be a bit challenging. I feel like there’s already a good amount of death metal, particularly in the vocals, in the heavier forms of doom, and even some doom elements, particularly the slower guitar parts, in death metal so typically I find these bands tend to lean heavily to the death or doom side. Rarely do bands straddle them equally. The short lived Anhedonist comes damn close though.

Anhedonist’s one and only full-length is full of crushing and dismal death/doom. I think they have a real gift for knowing when to go from the heavier death driven parts to the more contemplative doom, plodding parts of the song. It’s not a shock to the system when they change it up and it all feels feel natural and fluid. I like that quality in these kinds of bands, when they can seamlessly integrate the styles instead of being like “here’s the death metal part. Here’s the doom part.” It’s cohesive. And so fucking heavy.

This isn’t fucking cheery or catchy or riff worshipping. It’s just crushingly heavy, dark and dreary music that’s perfect for headphone listening while you watch the natural world start to die for the season.


Get it here, on Dark Descent Records.