A song from this album was sent to my by my buddy with the preface of “the drummer from Nechochwen sings on this album.” Fucking rad! I love Nechochwen and their neo-folk, atmospheric black metal. This should be awesome. Hitting the play button I was greeted with something else entirely. It’s like when you’re drinking a soda and you were drinking iced tea. That first taste is like “what the fuck” but then you like it because you like both soda and tea. That’s what happened to me here.

Dofka is straight forward, American style, power metal with some heavier thrash elements thrown in. Now, the band original put out their first album in 1992 then went dark until releasing this album in 2010. I can’t speak to the earlier album, but this one is full on power metal. There’s a definite Iron Maiden influence there, and maybe some of the earlier “progressive” power metal bands like Fates Warning. This sound dominates most of the album but then there’s these heavier breakdown moments they veer more towards groove metal or some of the heavier thrash leanings of the 90’s. Those parts are accompanied by some harsher vocals, which exist in contrast to the traditional classic metal vocals. These moments are interesting if only for the unexpected twist.

Overall, this album is pretty fucking rad. It’s awesome, meat and potato power metal with awesome song writing and some surprises thrown in, clearly, as the whole thing took me by surprise.

I like when that happens.


Buy the album HERE for 7 measly bucks.