This band just hit like a fucking ton of bricks after my buddy Ben shared a Youtube link with me. Like it hit fucking instantly. Within seconds I could tell this was something I needed to explore further.

Põhjast is a band made up of various members from all over the world, falling into that more common nowadays tag of being an “international” band. They briefly featured Taaken from Odal on vocals for their debut EP changed singers for this, their first full-length.

Let’s see… how to describe this band…

Do you like Bathory? How about the grand, sweeping nature of viking era Bathory? What about Primordial? You like the epic, story-driven vocal prowess of their vocalist Nemtheanga? What about Immortal? Do you like their catchy as fuck, insane guitar riffing melodies? Well Põhjast does and they’ve combined all three of those things into one fucking glorious album.

Can a band be a tribute/homage band to three different bands at once? I mean, the influences are so clear it’s blinding, but it also, sort of, gives them their own unique sound. It’s kind of strange that way. You definitely hear the influence of those bands but they aren’t straight up ripping them off or trying to emulate them, they just dig the sound and are smashing them all together. However it shakes out, this album is fucking devastatingly catchy and infectiously head bang-able.