One of the things I love most about Power Metal is the genres ability (for the most part) to full heartedly embrace and celebrate all of the aspects of the metal that the more serious and “true” realms consider lame or stupid. Power Metal is almost defiant in it’s take, although that would mean they’re trying to stir up a ruckus. I think Power Metal just exists in it’s own world, completely uncaring about the larger world of extreme metal because fuck it, they’re having fun running around on stage in hooded cloaks, with swords, and axes, singing songs about dragons and wizards. Are there too many songs about wizards? Never.

That brings us to Twilight Force, a Swedish Power Metal band that is the sum total of every aspect of European style Power Metal. They’ve got the soaring, uplifting, empowering vocals and lyrics, the singalong choruses, the furious riffing with epic as fuck solos, the outrageous keyboards that add that extra sappy touch of epic-ness at just the right moments, and they’ve got fucking dragons on their covers. They are Power Metal incarnate, and yes they have the music chops to back it up.

I see this band as from the Stratovarius school of Power Metal. Epic sense of melody with over the top cheesy, operatic emotions and sounds. And I fucking love it. Again, they fully embrace these aspects and just do their fucking thing, damn the naysayers. A band that has a similar approach is Glory Hammer, though I feel Glory Hammer is lovingly mocking Power Metal whereas Twilight Force knows the music is an easy target and just doesn’t give a fuck because they’re too busy crushing songs about destiny and swords and dragons and things that are dawning and what not. Fucking Power Metal to the max and if you’re the least bit a fan of the genre, this should do you well.