You’ll notice two huge missing entries from this week’s update: the new Darkthrone and Waldgeflüster albums. These were by and far the albums I was most excited about this week and since I preordered them both on cd, they haven’t shown up yet. Expect reviews of them next week.

Despite the lack of those two, this week was pretty fucking full as it is. Aside from the new stuff I’ve been slowly but surely putting together my year end list and have spent a lot of time going back over releases from this year that have kicked my ass. Also, been craving funeral doom. It’s that time of year.

NEW STUFF: (Click those titles, slackers.)

Beketh Nexehmu – De Dunklas Aterkomst (No easily found sample)
The ever elusive and enigmatic Beketh Nexehmu dropped two demo’s this year, not that far apart from each other. There’s a lot of speculation and almost urban legend information about the band at this point but I’ll just focus on the music, which on this demo is slow to mid-paced, highly atmospheric, and raw black metal. The album features two prominent songs and a couple, atmospheric passages that are beautiful and devastating. This band just washes over me and I’m endlessly fascinated with their process and releases. Quality stuff here.

Beketh Nexehmu – De Glomdas Ursjalar (No easily found sample)
The other new demo from the band is slightly different. This time it’s just one, 40 min song that starts off with a fury of black metal then goes into a distant and cold soundscape for much the time. It’s rather spacey in nature, invoking a feeling of passing through a vast void of nothingness. It’s tranquil. Like I said, love this band, I’m one of those nerding out about them. Great stuff.

Gatecreeper – Sonoran Depravation
Some fuzzed out, old school Swedish styled death metal with a heavy dose of Bolt Thrower crunch. Nothing amazing but a sure fire way to get that head banging.

Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake
If you like Testament I’m not sure why you wouldn’t like this one. It’s a continuation of the revitalized sound they’ve displayed on their previous two awesome albums. Yeah, it’s  typical thrash but I like the melodic grooves, classic guitar work, and catchy as fuck thrash songs this band excels at. Maybe a little less dark then the past two but still top notch trash fun.

40 Watt Sun – Wider Than the Sky
After making doom magic with his original band Warning, Patrick Walker was off to form 40 Watt Sun, a more introspective expansion on the sound of Warning. This is the second album as 40 Watt Sun and while it’s heavy, I think labeling it a doom album is shortsighted. It’s an emotional rollercoaster set to slow paced, rhythmic, subtle instrumentations without much bombast, in a traditional manner. It’s full of crushing stylings and atmosphere though. I’d more closely relate it to a Nick Cave style but even that isn’t right. I think this album is amazing. It’s something unique and exhilarating while being overbearingly morose. It’s just awesome.

Other Jams:

Lotus Thief – Gramarye
Malevolent Creation – The Ten Commandments
Thy Worshipper – Klechdy
Stiila – Skuggflock
Ahab – The Call of the Wretched Seas
Ahab – The Divinity of Oceans
Dodheimsgard – Monumental Possession
Death – Leprosy
Virus – Memento Collider
Belenos – Kornog
Vektor – Terminal Redux

Until next time… Make mine metal.