Time for a little Halloween fun around here. I don’t think Iced Earth are obscure or overlooked, though they might be starting towards the path of obscurity as they fade from relevance (that’s neither here nor there) nowadays. They aren’t even a band I listen to very often… except for this time of year. In particularly this album, Horror Show. Why? Because every song on this album is about a different classic horror monster. It’s quite literally a “horror show.” With music. Awesome music. Sort of.

If there’s such a thing as a guilty pleasure Iced Earth is one of mine. I think they make some awesome cheesy, power metal style music, but they aren’t aware of how cheesy they are. Self awareness is a big part of power metal for me and it’s hard for me to like a band when they take themselves so seriously. Despite that, they do have some killer albums, this being one of my favorites and perfect for the Halloween season.

I mean, it’s dark, melodic, thrashy at times, metal about Frankenstein, Werewolves, Mummies, and all the Halloween staples that are now far from fucking scary but still enjoyable as icons. There’s a song about Damian from The Omen, a song about Jack the Ripper and even a cover of the Iron Maiden instrumental “Transylvania.” It’s Halloween in a traditional way and it’s oh so sweet, and if there’s ever a time of year to indulge your sweet tooth, it’s Halloween.