I’m not certain if this band is as widely appreciated as they should be. In my mind, this band is a fucking brilliant, top-notch, classic, elite band that ranks way at the top of the echelons of black and extreme metal and I just assumed that’s how the world views them as well, however I rarely see people talking about them anymore, even last year after they released a fucking phenomenal new album. Dodheimsgard is (was) a smorgasbord of black metal elite, having contained at various points luminaries of the black metal scene who have gone on to be in great bands, bands that people talk about all the time. Fucking Fenriz was in this band briefly from 1994 to 1995, not to mention Czral of the incredible Ved Buens Ende, Virus, and Aura Noir. Other members have been in bands like Manes, The Deathtrip, Thorns, Zyklon-B, Old Man’s Child, Emperor, Immortal, Cadaver Inc., and Fleurety. Holy shit, that’s a fucking list, so I’m not sure I need to sell this band to you.

Now this album here, the bands second full-length, is fucking amazing and I’ve listened to it quite a few times, however Peaceville just released a new, 20th anniversary version with some rehearsal versions of songs and an unreleased song called “Unearthed” originally intended to be included on the album. I don’t believe it’s been remastered, as I think that would be foolish considering Garm of Ulver originally did the mastering on the album, and it sounds fucking awesome as it is.

The album itself is a prime example of the raw, dissonant, rough style of the early Norwegian black metal scene. By the time this one came out, bands were already moving away from that rawer style but Dodheimsgard went all in, full force, with shredding riffs, furious drumming, and the vicious, howling, pained vocals. There’s some melodic elements, some more traditional beats we’ll say, but there’s the underlying feeling of progression or experimentation that the band would explore much more on all the following albums.

That’s right, Dodheimsgard is one of those black metal bands that has ended up in a completely different place than they started, but in my opinion, never really faltering and in many cases, getting better. This is a unique band amongst the black metal and extreme music crowd and one that deserves your full attention.

Get the new anniversary edition here.