I’ve probably mentioned this before but when I was getting into extreme metal it was a gradual descent into the more abrasive bands and genres. Doom and Funeral Doom (aside from the more prominent bands IE Candlemass, etc.) was the last genre that really took some time to get into. I’m not sure what cracked that nut for me but once it was open I fucking fell in love with doom. From the epic shouting at the sky, damning the gods glory to the slow, nasty, dusty, coffin kind, it all fell into place. Now with that being said, bands still manage to slip through the cracks for me, despite how awesome everybody keeps saying they are. One of those bands is Ahab.

Fucking hell, this album is so goddamn heavy. It feels like the weight of the sea is just crushing your head, which is appropriate considering Ahab are a self described “Nautical Funeral Doom” band, and if you couldn’t guess from the bands name, are inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. I want try to dissect the concept and relation of the music to the book as I’ve not read it in it’s entirety but from what I gather the album is a sort of reinterpretation of the book focussing on the feelings of foreboding of Captain Ahab.

Foreboding is a perfect word for this album as the whole album is full of that experience. It’s just a wall of heaviness, looming over you at every turn, breaking occasionally for some synthesizer parts, orchestral parts, and some down and dirty drone segments.

Again, I wish I hadn’t slept on this band for so long but at least they have more albums for me to digest. If you’re on the fence about funeral doom, just jump on in and use this album as the push.