Malevolent Creation is another one of those bands that I’m aware of, have casually listened to one or two of their albums, but never really felt the desire or need to delve into their catalog. Despite having a killer name (it is, fight me) I guess I always just considered them one of the many “ok” Floridian death metal bands from the early 90s. I don’t think they were early enough to make an impact like Death or Morbid Angel or bands like that but I think they were quick to get on that sound and style before it got played out and managed to pull off a sound that was a bit different.

I think one of the reasons I’ve never gravitated towards the band is I’ve read there’s a lot of drama involved with the band members which has caused them to have had a fucking shit ton of members over the years. It’s the inconsistency that makes it hard to hone in on an era I think. Whatever my predetermined ideas of the band are, I’ve seen their debut album mentioned numerous times  as being a death metal classic so it’s time to investigate.

Is it a classic? Meeeeeeeeeeeeh, maybe? I’ve definitely underrated the band, at least in terms of this album. I love that early death metal sound where it was still so fucking thrashy and Malevolent have here a killer mixture of that heavier thrash and death metal. The difference being that when this album was made death metal was already established so the sound was there so this is more a mixture of this new death metal sound with thrash as opposed to thrash evolving into the death sound. Regardless, it’s pretty fucking killer. Very Death influenced, but how many bands from Florida at this time weren’t.

I’m not sure if it’s a classic. Maybe a minor classic at best. It’s pretty fucking fun and the songs are catchy and heavy as fuck, all things I expect from this era and location of death metal. I don’t know, I feel like Malevolent is just shy of being a more legendary band, however, their debut fucking destroys.