As you can probably tell, we’ve got a new look and a new home. This is officially Metal Marks the Spot, your home for overlooked and obscure metal albums. Gone are all the other non metal related posts and we’ve streamlined to just focus on the music.  That’s it. Just sharing good jams. The weekly new music playlists will continue as always and all the year end list stuff will show up on here as well. Just metal, all the time.

And with that there was a ton of metal to go through this week. It’s going to be a pretty full ride for the rest of the year, new release wise, so fucking brace yourself.

NEW STUFF: (Click the titles to hear music. Do it.)

Eufori – Humörsvängningar
This is a project from some of the members of Mist of Misery, who themselves were a side project of members from Hyperion, and all on Black Lion Productions, who seem to have blasted out of nowhere with some killer projects lately. What I like is the diversity of these bands, despite their incestuous relationships; Hyperion is more hyper melodic black/death, Mist of Misery is symphonic black metal, and Eufori is closer to depressive black metal, I suppose. It’s not formulaic dsbm but it has a lot of the trappings, particularly the guitar tone and the etherial atmosphere. It’s solid to be sure and quite catchy.

Green Day – Revolution Radio
The admirable thing about Green Day is that with each album they change their sound while still maintaining the catchy, punk drive that made them so famous. Gone are the weird, experimental, genre explorations of the Uno, Dos, Tre, albums and back are the straight-forward rock anthems Green Day does best, but with some old 60’s garage band vibes and some 80’s pop aethestics. You may not like them, but I do and this is another good album from a consistently (for the most part) good band.

Red Fang – Only Ghosts
Fucking love this band and their non-stoner/non-sludge, stoner/sludge rock. Is ay rock because they’ve got some metallic elements but I don’t think they’re a metal band. It’s heavy to be sure, and they explore those elements on this album, but this one finds a leaner, more focussed, lighter Red Fang, amping up the classic rock elements. Fucking awesome stuff whatever you call it.

Anaal Nathrakh – The Whole of the Law
This one is probably for the already initiated. It’s Anaal Nathrakh doing what they do best. Hyper velocity, industrial black grindcore music designed to pummel you to death. They’ve incorporated more the melodic, clean vocals on this album, which I’ve always loved, and made some catchier tunes, if that’s a word I can use to describe this band. Infectious is probably better. More infectious than their past two albums, not a masterpiece but a good, solid albums from a band that is at least always interesting. Speaking of interesting, you should hear their cover of “Powerslave” submitted as one of the two bonus tracks, the other being The Specials “Man at C&A.” Yes, the ska band. Wild.

Gaoth – Dying Season’s Glory
Simple and beautiful, yet highly atmospheric, emotional, depressing black metal. Some good moments of intense power and slow awe.

Sordide – Fuir La Lumiere
Experimental, eclectic, French black metal. The country is known for it’s more bizarre black metal stylings and Sordide fit that mold, with some slow, sludgy like moments, NWOBHM riffs, punk flair, and dirty, dark, breakdowns. Fairly good fun.

Gramarye – Lotus Thief
Stumbled on this randomly today when I saw the band features members of Botanist. Seeing as how weird Botanist is I figured this was worth exploring. Now that I’ve mentioned Botanist, forget that I did because this is not like them at all. It’s a little experimental, maybe avant-garde slightly but it’s more mixture of ambient, space rock, drone, and post black metal esthetics to make a fucking beautiful album. What a wonderful surprise. Not my typical thing but god damn if this isn’t pretty amazing.

Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre
Recommended by a friend, this is some occult styled, psychedelic rock. There’s a lot of fluting going on and keyboards and all the stuff you’d expect from this kind of throwback sound. It’s got a little more attitude than normal and the singer has an amazing voice, but it didn’t blow my socks off. Good for when the mood strikes.

Cult of Fire – Life, Sex, & Death
I really wish they would quit teasing us with these EPs and put out another full length. The last one was tremendous. More epic black metal from this Czech band, using the folk elements, the classical instruments and rounded off with some amazing vocals via a nameless woman, true to the bands mysterious nature. I like this band and think they’re a unique black metal project from a country that has supplied us with some of the more interesting black metal around but just watch everybody cream their collective tight kvlt pants over this one.

Candiria –  While They Were Sleeping
Another recommendation from a friend this week. Not really sure what to make of this band. I’ve seen them referred to as “jazzcore” which makes sense once you hear it, sort of. It’s like this tough guy hardcore stuff which I don’t get in to then all of a sudden there’s a jazz song for whatever reason. Then it gets all progressive and intriguing with some semi clean singing and this is where I think the band truly shines. It’s heavy without the hardcore stuff which seems to stick out like sore thumb. Oh well, interesting enough, if not an everyday listen.


Aurora Borealis – Mansions of Eternity
Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter
Ghoulgotha – To Starve the Cross
Uada – Devoid of Light
Panopticon – Kentucky
Nadra – Allir Vegir Til Glotuar
Holy Terror – Mind Wars
Intestine Baalism – Ultimate Instinct
Potentiam – Balsyn

Until next time, make mine metal.