I really need to explore more Japanese metal bands. As it stands, on this blog, there’s only ONE Japanese band covered. That’s all on me, because I love some Japanese bands, but I’ve never glommed on to that countries output like I have other countries. However, the few Japanese bands I do listen to I fucking love. Intestine Baalism is probably joining that list.

I found their sophomore album Banquet in the Darkness some years ago via some “best of” death metal list, and yeah, it’s certainly a best of quality album. Hyper melodic death metal with some black metal for spice. It’s been one of my go to albums for melodic death metal when I don’t know what I’m in the mood for, and it kills, every time.

Their follow up album, Ultimate Instinct, probably had a lot riding on it considering the caliber of what the band achieved before, but this albums is alllllllllmost as good as Banquet. All the insanely melodic, furiously infectious riffing is back and in full force with this one. Catchy would be an understatement for some of these riffs. There’s also some times where the songs just go full on brutal death metal, and for me, that’s what holds it back from being on par with the other album. When they’re playing with melody it sounds unique and captivating but the brutal breakdowns just sort of sound generic or common, but that’s a small slight on what is truly a memorable album.

This is the last album the band has put out despite Metal Archives saying the band is still active. I hope they manage to release some more music but until then, we have these works to be thankful for.