Thrash, a genre I used to think was a one trick pony, has supplied me with so many surprises and lost masterworks that it makes my fucking head spin. It must have been hard to be a thrash band in the late 80′s with the “Big Four” (ugh) dominating the genre, while other bands (some would argue better) continued to fight for exposure, lost in the sea of other thrash bands with death metal starting to come into prominence. Holy Terror seems to be a victim of that timing.

Rarely mentioned in the talks of thrash history, this band is like a fucking mixing bowl of everything thrash. I can’t imagine this went ignored at the time of it’s release, it simply has everything one could want from a thrash band: the speed, the riffs, the punk attitude, some classic NWOBHM influence, the harder edge of the German 80′s thrash bands, and those vocals, my god those vocals. Soaring at times, nasty at others, it’s so well matched to the music. Even with all that going on, the songs sound fresh and original. It’s not a Slayer clone, though that’s in there. It’s not Heathen clone, though that’s in there too. It’s just Holy Terror. The complete and awesome synergy of thrash.

Fucking shame this isn’t more widely known.