My buddy Ben shared this album with me today and since I was crunched for time and not feeling the stack of music I had, I put this one on, blindly, and was fucking crushed by it.

What met my ears was some blazing pagan themed black metal. I wasn’t familiar with the band but the music sure was familiar. At first I thought maybe Norwegian? There’s a hint of Gorgoroth in there (from their good era, that is) but there’s also a furious underlying, distant melody. Off to Metal Archives.

Ah, ok. German, and containing a former member of Odal. Now it’s become clear. Odal just put out a new album, and it’s fucking amazing, as is their previous work, some of which features Wolfhetan.

There’s enough similarity’s to Odal that if you’re familiar with that band you’ll probably be prepared for what is on this one. As the album progresses, the music does as well, incorporating more pagan styled black metal elements, pushing the melody, adding some acoustic guitars, some environmental soundscapes, but all aways retaining that solid, black metal fury, something German black metal excels at.

It’s not the most “pagan” of this type of music but I don’t really give a shit about that stuff. It’s fucking killer black metal with folky and natural elements, a vein of black metal that I adore and this one is fucking killer example. You need to get on this.

And Odal.