My buddy Ben shared this EP with me not too long ago and I’ve been sitting on it, for some reason, and finally delved in to it this afternoon.

What intrigues me most about this band is they’re a black metal band, for the most part, from America, starting in the mid 90′s. There weren’t that many of them around at that time and the few that were are always held in such high regard, despite their level of quality, yet I’d never even heard of Aurora Borealis. Now to be fair, they could have taken a shit after this album and that’s why they aren’t more talked about, I wouldn’t know because this EP is the only thing I’ve heard from them. The EP, based around Egyptian mythology, is fucking solid early American black metal. Not nearly as dissonant or depressing as some of that other earlier stuff, more based in thrash like sound that somewhat reminds me of Absu, another early American black metal band in case you didn’t know. For clocking in at under 30 minutes, this album packs in a good amount of nasty riffing, furious playing and killer songs. It’s an awesome curiosity from a unique time in American black metal history.

Also the band has made available for free (or a donation of any monetary amount) all of if not most of there albums. You can get them on their extremely dated, but charming in it’s outdated-ness website