Oh, Dan Swan. It might be impossible to track down all the projects he’s been involved with. His output is amazing but I’m still surprised that I can find stuff of his, after listening to so much, that is still of such amazing quality.  Take for instance Ribspreader.

On paper, Ribspreader sounds kind of “meh.” Swedish death metal band paying homage to the early, classic, Swedish death metal style (much of which Swano had a hand in). How many bands have done this? And, Bloodbath, anybody? I do enjoy Bloodbath here and there (especially the ones Swano was involved with).

To be fair, this band seems more like the project of the lead vocalist Rogga Johansson, having shared songwriting duties with Swano. However this was concocted is fine by me, because unlike other “homage” bands, like Bloodbath, who do a good job of capturing that era’s sound, Bolted to the Cross could have come out in the early 90′s and have been considered a classic of that time. It’s almost impossible to tell it wasn’t recorded in 2004. It fits right in there with the best of that era. Guitar tone, riffs, vocals, all quintessentially classic Swedish death metal.

This one is a fucking scorcher. If you love that 90′s Swedish death metal, get all over this one.