Fuck yes! It’s time for more Bal-Sagoth to help clearly define to word “epic” for you. No, it’s not the pumpkin space latte craft beer you just had nor is it whatever some stupid actor said about politics. It’s Bal-Sagoth, pure and simple. If you’ve used the word in any other capacity, you’ve used it wrong. Sorry. I don’t make the rules.

Cacophonous has been re-releasing the Bal-Sagoth catalog, remastered with updated art, and they’ve been doing a fucking killer job of it. The original cds are hard to find in good condition for reasonable prices and the sound quality of the files online are pure shit so this is a long welcomed move on Cacophonous and Bal-Sagoth’s part.

Battle Magic is the third release from the band and the label and it’s fucking Bal-Sagoth through and through. Which is to say, nothing is done lightly, or casually. They open the floodgates and just let it all out and go for broke. That’s the Bal-Sagoth way, full-blown, EPIC fucking metal. If you can’t imagine what that sounds like just imagine a mixture of black, death, power metal, with operatic voices, black metal snarls, set to a orchestra on speed. Oh, and it’s catchy as fuck. Oh, and a concept album to boot. Of course it is. You don’t get to be epic by not involving some highly elaborate epic story in to the music. Especially when you have song titles like “The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Ensorcelled Shrine Of A’zura-Kai (The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath The Blazon Of The Hyperborean Empire Part II).” I fucking love it.

I won’t try and nominate a favorite Bal-Sagoth album but this one gets a lot of spins from me. I hope Cacophonous releases the following three as well. It would nice to have the entire collection like this. Until then, listen to the fuck out of this one.