I’ve got a lot of posts on here about German black metal and German thrash metal but German death metal? The country is not really known for their death metal contributions, though perhaps they should be based on this album alone.

This album is fucking crushing death metal awesomeness. This is a technical monstrosity of superior death metal songs in the vein of mid era Death (who’s “Archangel”they cover on here), but with some German nastiness and slight atmospherics thrown in for good measure. Man, does this album deliver. All the power of those early 90′s death metal classics but with some weirder effects and guitar noodling.

There’s a weird sense of doom on this album, made prominent by some of the effects and atmospherics used, that are mildly gothic in nature, which makes sense if you know after this album they started to descent into gothic/industrial metal which isn’t looked on as favorably, eventually becoming the band for Leaves’ Eyes saccharin symphonic metal. Fellow German death metal band Crematory suffered a similar fate and musical direction. Geez, Germany. What’s up with your death metal bands?

Regardless of said future musical sins, this album right here might be bonafide, slightly lesser, death metal classic.