Prepare yourself for amazement.

No, really. This album is fucking amazing all over. I guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it. Let me back up a second.

My buddy Ben asked me once “have you heard Oxiplegatz? It’s Alf Svensson, At the Gates original guitar player’s solo project.” I replied, “no” and he immediately sent me the files and what awaited my ears just blew my fucking brain apart.

There’s no real easy way to describe this music. It’s symphonic and avant-garde, sure, but it’s so much more of, well everything, really. It encompasses all genre’s of metal in one. There’s no real distinction here as to what this is. It’s just Oxpligatz, and that means it’s a masterfully bizarre, technically amazing, and catchy as all get out “metal” sci-fi concept album spread out over 33 songs and 41 minutes. Of course it’s a concept album and it’s fucking awesome.

It’s so interesting creatively you can’t help but be wrapped up in the albums unique beauty, whether you can follow the story or not. It’s a treat for the ears and something you should hear immediately.

Sadly, this was the last offering from the band and Alf as a musician. I gather he’s an artist of some type but depriving us of his musical talent seems like a crime.

On a side note I got the cd of this album recently from Season of Mist for only $5. Fucking $5. That’s a goddamn steal.