German black metal can be so fucking satisfying. Take for example avant-garde-ish black metal-ers Farsot. They’re slightly atmospheric, blistering, creative take on black metal is highly fucking impressive and makes me wonder why this band isn’t more highly regarded. People shit the pants over these newer, abrasive, cosmic, noise factories (cough cough Candelabrum, Cosmic Church cough cough) but a band that damn near perfected those qualities on they’re debut just go thoroughly ignored. Maybe it’s not NSBM enough? Too much melody? Oh my snark. But I digress…

My buddy Ben sent me their follow up album a couple years ago and I would occasionally go back to it and think “this is damn good, when does the next one come out?” So far, it hasn’t, but I found this one on Season of Mist for $2. That’s right, fucking $2. It’s well worth that and more.

So like I said, Farsot are a bit avant-garde, trying to push black metal to a different place, relying mostly on the bizarre vocals and highly melodic guitar parts, but combined with that German black metal rigidity. The hyper melodic guitars may seem common place today but this was 2007. That atmospheric, ethereal quality was being perfected (a lot by fellow contemporary German bands) so I imagine it stuck out a bit more. But the stand out of this album, is the song. Clocking in at over 20 minutes, it’s a melting pot of everything that Farsot does so well on this album. If this album was only this song, it would still be fucking killer.

So there you have it. Farsot is fucking rad and with only two albums out it’s easy to find out why. Give this band a shot and hear some killer German black metal. You know you want to.