I have a soft spot for Rotting Christ. They were one of the first extreme metal bands I stumbled on when I was really starting to get in to this kind of music. I didn’t even start with the first black metal albums. I started with Triarchy of Dead Lovers and A Dead Poem, and their black metal infused gothic/doom-ish quality was extremely appealing to me at the time (and still is) and helped to usher me in to harder stuff.  I’ve since gone back and listened to the classic Thy Mighty Contract but I still haven’t filled in their catalog entirely.

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently saw the band live, for the first time, last week and Theogonia was the only album they had there by the band I didn’t already own so I snagged it up.

Theogonia  is the album that reintroduced Rotting Christ to the metal world. The band sounds reinvigorated on this album and it garnered it’s fair share of praising reviews when it came out. To my ears, it sounds like what Rotting Christ do best: hyper infectious, heavy guitar riffs, gothic atmospheric elements, Greek folk/tradition instrumentation, and of course, those amazing vocals. This one seems to have more of their traditional black metal feel to it, but Rotting Christ (and the Greek scene in general) has never been traditional when it comes to this kind of music. It’s one of the things I love so much about Rotting Christ and the other Greek black metal bands. You can’t really call this a black metal album, nor is it a doom/goth album. It’s just Rotting Christ, and it’s a formula they use to great affect on all albums that followed this one.