And here we have Tartaros, a short lived Norwegian symphonic black metal band consisting of one member, Charmand Grimloch (if that name doesn’t give you a hint of where this is going…) who played live keyboards for Emperor. My buddy Ben shared this with me and I’ve finally taken the time to delve in to this.

I mentioned Emperor? Yes I did, because this sounds like Emperor. Well, a more horror/gothic version of Emperor. At least this first EP is. It’s highly synthesized with all sorts of horror soundscapes like theremin and organs. It’s like a black metal horror movie soundtrack in twenty six minutes. Oh yeah, it’s also fucking highly infectious.

Their one and only full-length starts right in with a creepy organ filled, horror music box soundscape with distance chanting voices solidifying that we’re in for more horror and spooky music on this one. However this one goes for a rawer approach. The production is more stripped down, which is odd considering how much is actually going on with the music. Again, heavily synthesized and sampled, furious black metal with that creepy horror vibe.

I fucking dig this stuff. I miss that earlier horror and gothic elements that black metal had back in the day (get off my lawn) and this band has that in abundance. The seasons are changing and October is approaching and these might be some perfect listening for the fall season.