I think thrash, more so than the other metal genres, is the one that is misrepresented the most. Maybe not misrepresented but pigeonholed the most perhaps. Most genres acknowledge numerous innovators and and legendary acts where as thrash has really only ever been celebrated with the Big 4 with other bands circling around the periphery, even though they are better, and have crafted, I would say, better albums. More thrash bands are getting more recognition  based on longevity but there are some just completely lost to time. Vendetta is one of those.

Vendetta’s strength, to my ears, is a perfect mixing of the relaxed, American, bay area 80′s thrash style and the German, go for the fucking throat, thrash attack. Being German, and existing in a country that had already spawned the classic Teutonic albums I’m sure they felt they had to up their game and Vendetta pull it off gloriously. So much thrash packed in to these riffs, it won’t give your neck a break at fucking all. And those solos? Fucking hell, those solos.

Again, I’m not sure why this band isn’t more recognized, at least within the German thrash world but I’d argue maybe in the entirety of thrash as well. Well, if you like amazing thrash then you’d do good to put this on.