I just can’t get enough of these 80′s, American power metal bands. The genre was so inventive back then. It was like the wild west of exploration combining speed/thrash/power/classic and NWOBHM into various beasts. Apocrypha do just that as well. You can hear influences from all those genres, though they tend to fall more towards the thrash/speed side, but they do have their over the top, bombastic power metal moments. I think what really brings out the power metal aspects is guitarist Tony Fredianelli’s highly creative and inventive work. The guitars are clearly the focus of the album, not that the rest of the band are any slouches, but every song, that intricate, technical, melodic, catchy as all fuck guitar is right in your face, shredding through riff after amazing riff. I was wondering why this player isn’t more widely known or talked about…

It’s because after this he went on the join Third Eye Blind. Well, not immediately. Apocrypha put out three albums then Tony released a solo album in 1993 THEN all the way in 2001 he joined Third Eye Blind. Now, what possessed him to give up the metal shredding for Third Eye Blind, I couldn’t tell you. I did listen to some of the songs he wrote with the band and it’s clear his guitar skills were going painfully underutilized there. I suspect money talks but it seems like a shame to have such talent wasted on such a crummy band. He’s no longer part of that band so maybe he’ll return to the metal world.

If not, we at least have this album, which is fucking awesome all over so don’t the the taint of Third Eye Blind ruin for you. Just enjoy the shred.